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I was 79.7kg & now I'm 63.6kg..
"It's been great having Aaron as my Coach. He Helps with giving me not only that extra motivation and accountability but helping me work on individual things I want to achieve towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether that be eating better, exercising more or quitting smoking. I love the app that he uses as it has everything in there I need to workout on my own and keep progressing as well as learning about how to eat better for my goals. Oh and weight loss always helps, when I started training at the beginning of the year I was 79.7kg and now I'm 63.6kg. Still want to lose a bit more but believe I can do it" - Shabana Khan

I'm in the best shape of my life..
"I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to Aaron. I've always tried my best at the gym but no matter how often I went I never really saw much difference - especially not in the places I wanted! He spent time finding out what my goals were. You work hard but he always adapts a workout to what you can & can't do - I love the amazing changes I'm seeing in my body even more. I highly recommend you work with him."- Jane Bagnall
Do You Want To Lose Weight, Be Healthy & Save The World?
Everyone wants to look and feel their best, but so many vegans fail to achieve it and even less fail to maintain it.
Whether that be from lack of knowledge of exercise & nutrition or accountability we can help.
We'll Take Plant-Based Nutrition Back To Basics..
...we don't do fad diets and we would never ask you to do anything we wouldn't do ourselves. We look for eating habits and use a sequence of 'Approach Goals' to ensure you create new habits, which free you to still eat vegan treats & be able to eat out at social occasions. We will show you how to nourish your body with the right nutrients but will also give you the tools to be able to eat well for the rest of your life.
Meet The Plant-Based Coach.
Aaron Cattell

Two University Qualifications
Sport & Exercise Science + Human Nutrition

One Great Girlfriend
(also vegan)

Loves Animals 
(so doesn't eat them)

Loves Travel & Food

1000+ Coaching Sessions

100+ Clients 

My Story..
Like most of you, I wasn't brought up to be vegan.. In fact if it wasn't for my partner Emily I probably wouldn't be where I am now.

I remember one of our first holidays to Bali, we expected to see sun, sand and the beach. And that we did..

But what we didn't bargain for was the overall lack of concern, and respect for every animal there, stray dogs and cats, chickens in cages and of course meat everywhere.. on show. 

This was a massive eye opener, for both of us.

Of course, like us - the locals didn't know better. This was the way they were brought up to survive & to make money for their families.  

Then we literally saw a dog, dead on the beach with no one else seeming to care. It made me feel sick that no one battered an eye-lid at this dog, not even the tourists, in which no doubt had pet dogs at home. It was then that we decided it was time to go vegetarian.

So it began, we thought we were going to save the world.. Emily started to follow animal welfare groups on social media and started to see more videos and processes of how animals and animal products got to our tables. 

Let's go vegan she said.. and although I wanted to I knew better; or at least I thought I did..

The truth is, I didn't think being vegan was healthy.. In fact I was taught that it wasn't healthy. My big expensive degrees told me that it wasn't... so how could I let her, and myself become vegan knowing that it wasn't good for us? 

I was torn... I really wanted to, but had so many questions..

What about all those carbs we had to eat?
Would we get fat?

Wouldn't we be missing out on essential nutrients?

What about protein, how was I going to build my massive muscles?
What if one of us got sick... Like really sick?

All of these questions ran through my head, and although they seem pointless now - I had trouble believing that being a vegan could be healthy. 

So I began to research, read, dig and do what ever I could to find out if it was possible to be vegan, to be healthy, to lose weight and to save the world..

I knew what the body needed, I just needed to know if the body could get these things from non-animal resources.

I still had my login for PubMed which let me look up all the recent studies, I spoke to my old lecturers, and found vegan nutritionists..

And guess what I found.. It is possible to do all those things above! Yes, let's do it! 

I could finally eat what I wanted to eat and be healthy..without harming the lives of others.

I'm not even going to go into why my 2 degrees had told me otherwise (although I'm sure you can guess).

But as soon as I overcame this first issue, a new one took its place... 

I'm a Personal Trainer, a Nutritionist and I was getting people these amazing results but I had been telling them to eat animals, animal products and what I used to believe.. 

I don't know about you, but to me that seemed pretty messed up..

How could I encourage people to eat animal products when I knew there was another way, a better way. 

It was time to change my business and help those that wanted to truly be healthy and lose weight while living the vegan life.

In fact results with my clients were even better..

That's how The Plant-Based Coach started..

I'm not one to tell everyone to be vegan & I'm not going to force it on anyone.. I just want to be here to help those that have made the choice to try it out, or are struggling to get the results they want from their exercise and vegan eating lifestyle. 

The thing is that I really believe the one thing that is going to increase veganism is awareness. By being a healthy and lean vegan I represent that a vegan lifestyle can be healthy and this will encourage others to try it out.  

But if I'm sick all the time, over-weight and lack energy, then others will start to believe that being vegan is unhealthy, bad for you, will make you fat and as a result those people are less likely to give it a try.

And that's the issue. Being a vegan doesn't make you healthy by default, nor does it mean you willl lose weight

In fact if you had a shit diet before going vegan, you are more likely to put on weight if you just decide cut out animal products... 

..And if you had an unhealthy diet before going vegan, you are more likely to be even more unhealthy if you just cut out animal products...

So my mission is this.. To help those that want to lose weight, be healthy and save the world.

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